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 Isa Shahmarli with LGBT flag in Baku

Isa Shahmarli with LGBT flag in Baku

Created by late chief person Isa Shahmarli, AZAD LGBT Organization has done a lot of interesting campaigns and projects. His most extensive project that covered a large number of society was open interviews and talks with the local media about LGBT people. In these interviews he gave a lot of information about the LGBT community in the country and the problems that they face everyday life in society. As an openly gay person, he wanted to share all the information and calls about the problematic situation in Azerbaijan that LGBT people come across everyday. Even though he had an opportunity to leave the country and have a normal life outside of the country he did not want to do it, instead he wanted to implement as many projects as he could in Azerbaijan for its LGBT community.

His next successful project were LGBT Film Nights hosted by AZAD LGBT Organization for the LGBT community in Azerbaijan to make another step so that people to be able to live without sexual orientation prejudices. At every LGBT Film Night AZAD LGBT Organization invited a psychologist to bring more scientific vision to the reality about LGBT people before the start of the film. Isa Shahmarli had regular creative thinking about LGBT activity in the country, and his next interesting idea was making a LGBT short movie. The scenario, music, costume and set was designed by Isa Shamarli, even one of the actor role played by himself.  He called this film “Ğ” which left people with the questions. He cleared this interesting name by saying that in the Azerbaijan alphabet there is a letter “Ğ” which no word starts with. This makes its difference and exposes discrimination.

There were other different ideas that Isa Shahmarli wanted to realize but his untimely death canceled them for a while. But today AZAD LGBT Organization which had huge hope for its flourish by Isa Shahmarli continues to do different interesting and successful projects for LGBT community to promote and protect their rights in Azerbaijan.

For our projects we receive a lot of support from different people around the world. For our picture campaign “Love is Love” we received number of picture support which made the campaign in Azerbaijan the most successful ever. It showed that we are not alone and we are strong with the people around who believe and supports us!